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weird route pattern result

I remember in CCM it used to be: if you create a route pattern 9.@ with no partition , no filter. IP phone can call anywhere as long as carrier no block.

but today i experienced unbelieved thing: I still create the same route pattern 9.@ with no partition no filter. But I only can make local call. That's it.

Then I tried to add 9.1416XXXXXXX, long distance works, same as 411.

CCM 3.33 . 3725 router MGCP. Has Cisco changed concept for the router pattern or I missed something? I think I am not wrong because I have so many current customer they don't need call restriction, I always use one 9.@ route pattern without router pattern and route filter.


Any idea?


Re: weird route pattern result

This type of behavior (specifically with the @ dial plan macro) is usually the result of a picky switch that doesn't like you trying to boss it around.

Default CallManager configuration calls for CallManager to attempt to interpret the proper numbering plan on circuit types that support it (MGCP-controller PRI is the most common trouble spot). In the real world, it's common that telco switches have an issue with this and reject certain types of calls. In my experience, it varies if it's local vs LD.

Regardless, the fix is usually to modify two settings under your gateway:

Called party IE number type unknown*

Called Numbering Plan*

Set both of these to Unknown, reset your gateway, and try again with your 9.@.

Be aware there are some issues to using 9.@ with nothing else; the most common complaint will be delay after 7-digit local dialing (if applicable to your area).

Good luck.

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Re: weird route pattern result

You are absolutely right. It works. My scenario is MGCP

So I guess it's the pri protocol between CCM and telco communication has problem, right?

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