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New Member

Weird tandem call!!

I have a real weird tandem call it is comming into my T1 PRI line and going right back out...

I have removed a few digits for privacy…

CallingPartyNumber 71933704xx

OriginalCalledPartyNumber 957080xx

FinalCalledPartyNumber 957080xx

The DID numbers for this site are 57085xx

OrigDeviceName S1/DS1-0@4006AGM

DestDeviceName S1/DS1-0@4006AGM

LastRedirectDn 957080xx

Any ideas how this is happening? I set my phones so you cannot forward off net, Unity is set so I will not take 9 to dial right back out..

I have no one forwarding any calls right now…


Re: Weird tandem call!!

What happens when you call the 957080xx number? Have you called the telco to see if they have that number mapped to your PRI? Also, have you called 71933704xx to see what that number is? How/Why did you notice this?

Have you checked your translation patterns? Sounds wierd, but need more info.


New Member

Re: Weird tandem call!!

Ok I gets better... 957080xx Belongs to another building that I operate however I want to stress that the phone systems are NOT linked This building has an avaya definity system. Logically I thought some one was forwarding their phone to my other building... but in the CDR record the call is a SIMPLE call and NOT a forward or a transfer!!! I noticed this when I ran a ART report fore Jan 1st and these were the ONLY calls for the day...

I am tempted to call the 71933704xx and ask them what they were trying to do or who they called that day.

Here is something else the 957080xx number is assigned to a guest office in my other building.. Wierd so I dont have a user to blame on that end...

It is driving me nuts how can a call come in with 957080xx as the called number...

I have also stood next to the phone and dialed it from my cel phone, and it rings right away... So I know the phone phone is routing it to me...

When I was trying to figure this out... I enabled my phone to be able to forward off net, and sent it to my other building. However in the CDR it shows the call as a forward not a simple call.

Now lets complicate this some more. In order to make life a little easier, I set a translation pattern of 80XX for transform to 957080xx and I set it as a local dial plan. However again I set my phones so they cannot forward to anything but an ON Net call search space... When you force the phone to forward any ways I get a re-order tone (I have called Cisco about this and they determined this is working as designed, and perhaps in a future version call forward entries will check the call search space before allowing an entry). And again when I allowed my phone to forward to this number it showed up as a forward!

The only other thing I can think of, would be if Unity was allowing its phone to forward off net, Which it was allowing some one to send calls offnet. So If I dialed into Unity and then dialed my phone after I had told Unity to send calls to

957080xx, it did ring over at that building... However the calling pary was then my UNITY server's DN VI Ports and NOT my cel phone...

New Member

Re: Weird tandem call!!

Hey I also decided to call this originating number.. It rings a few times then goes to an answering server "Hello your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message service 71933704xxis not availible, please leave a message...." So no information there. I left a message perhaps some one will be nice enough to let me know what is going on...

Searching back to December 1st I see this happening again back in december but from another originating number... I called it and got the exact message.

This answering message sounds very much like one out phone company,QWEST, uses for their voice message service

My only real worry here is that some how people are dialing into my callmanagers and getting a dialtone to dial back out...