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What combination of VCware, IOS for IVR?

I have been running the latest recommended IOS

and VCWare images (12.2(15)T7 + 11.31). Now I would

like to start using the IVR feature which doesn't

work properly in many releases. One particularly

annoying problem is that the TCL equality operand

doesn't work for more than 4 digits. I have been

using this as a test:

if { $ani == "6177654321" } {

puts "\n\nRamon is calling from home\n"

} elseif { $ani == "6171234567" } { puts "\n\nramon cell is calling\n"

} else { puts "\n\nSomebody else is calling\n"


it turns out that only the length of the string

and the first character are inspected by the

TCL interpreter to determine equality.

Anyway: what would be a good, reliable combination

of IOS and VCWare for an AS-5300?




Re: What combination of VCware, IOS for IVR?

I think there is some issues with the 12.2(15)T7 + 11.31. Check for 12.2(19) and I think it will not have any problem.

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Re: What combination of VCware, IOS for IVR?

I'm using for own IVR application an IOS 12.2(2)XB10 with vcware 7.44 and work fine but I don't know if it the best. I try to use with AS5300 an IOS 12.2(15)T8 but I get a lot of problem with play prompts. If someone know other IOS that work fine please post here.

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