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What QoS configurations are required on 3660 for Video over IP transmissions?

Would like to carry VideoConferencing over our IP network. Since my Video traffic would be traversing 2 Cisco 3660 and (1) 3640 router, I would like to know which QoS configurations are usually implemented e.g LLQ.


Re: What QoS configurations are required on 3660 for Video over

There is no much difference in QOS compared to the QOS you

use for voice.

All you need to know is the port number used by the video aplication for signalling

and bearer traffic over UDP and creat access-list to macth them. You can then use LLQ for classification and queueing.

Also RSVP maybe used or even IP RTP PRIORITY.

Here is an example of LLQ being used to provide QOS for video traffic.


class-map match-all video

match access-group 101

!--- Class map used to associate access-list 101 to the LLQ class video.


policy-map video-police

!--- Definition of the policy map for the LLQ Configuration

class video

priority 900

!--- This is the priority class/queue assigned for video traffic.

!--- It reserves 900 Kbps for video traffic

class class-default

fair-queue 64

!-- All other non-video traffic uses fair-queuing policing.


access-list 101 permit tcp any any range 3230 3231

access-list 101 permit udp any any range 3230 3235

access-list 101 permit ip any any precedence 5


!--- These access-lists are used by the LLQ class-map.

!--- These access-lists are based on the fixed UDP (3230-3235)

!--- and TCP (3230-3231) ports for the ViewStation VideoOverIP


interface serial 0/0

ip address

service-policy out video-police

!--- Applies LLQ (defined above) to the subinterface for

layer 3 (Video over IP)traffic shaping and priotization

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