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What's the timeout on a PerfmonOpenSession Token

Been working on collecting information from the ASTSERVICE / RIS SOAP interface and having some issues with the session id timing out. The documentation refers to a timeout of 25 hours, but I'm finding that it seems to be closer to 25 minutes.

Overview of steps:

- Execute a PerfmonOpenSession and receive a session id.

- Add a counter via the PerfmonAddCounter referencing the session id obtained in step1

- Collect data by executing PerfmonCollectSessionData referncing the session id.

I find that these steps work, but if I don't keep running the CollectSessionData step on a regular basis, I get the message 'XML error parsing SOAP payload on line 1: not well-formed (invalid token)'.

Because there appears to be no way of listing session id's in cache, I can't see if it's actually expired or not.

Anyone working with the ASTSERVICE / RIS SOAP Interface and come across this?


Re: What's the timeout on a PerfmonOpenSession Token

If you can pretty much pinpoint it to 25 minutes, why not just record the time you last performed an authentication, and for each request check if the authentication still falls into the timeframe and re-authenticate if needed?

That's what I'm doing with a completely unrelated webservice but where I'm having the exact same issue (and the documentation did not mention the timeout either.. only google finally helped)

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Re: What's the timeout on a PerfmonOpenSession Token

Yeah, I was intending to run a query every minute or so, meaning I'm not going to really hit the timeout, just wondering if this was the experienced behaviour given the docs mention the 25hour idle timeout.

Just a shame we can't retrieve a list of active queries as opposed to opening a new connection. Honestly didn't want to chew up memory and not know if the previous session had been released properly.

Thanks for the reply.

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