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New Member

When a user diales 911 Notify the Front Desk?

We have a feature on our Avaya system when a user dials 911 it will send an alarm to the front desk and give them the number of the user who dialed. That way if the user gets disconnected 911 dials back the main number the guard on duty can direct the dispatcher to the correct location. Is there any way to acomplish this with the Callmanager system and 7960 phones?

New Member

Re: When a user diales 911 Notify the Front Desk?

Yes, what I have done is created Route_Groups and a Route_List. In the route goup I used the "Calling Party Transformation Mask" and entered 208426XXXX The system will put in the last 4 digits of the calling party. If you wish you can complete this with your front desk number. If you dont use or need a route group/list. You can create a Route Pattern of 911 and use its "Calling Party Transformation Mask". If this makes no sense email me. marc

Cisco Employee

Re: When a user diales 911 Notify the Front Desk?

Yes, Cisco CallManager solution does have this capability. The Cisco Emergency Responder (CER) was designed specifically for this purpose. The CER server works with in conjunction with CM and is used to track phones in your network and send calls to 911 with appropriate call back information. In addition to the phone tracking, the CER product allows for the notification of 911 calls to any number of individuals via a web interface. Any individuals that receive 911 notification can perform updates to the record that will indicate acknowledgement and any action taken.

What's nice about the CER server is that the callback from the carrier will automatically be routed to your internal caller, even if the internal caller does not have an externally dialable number. This prevents a guard or security personnel from being a bottleneck in an emergency callback situation.

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