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When MCS 7835 will be Dual-CPU available!!!


We found out that when we try to delete or add something (e.g. add new IP Phone, add gateway, etc) in CCM, the CPU usage will hit 90%-100%. Unfortunately, if there are some user using IP Phone at the same time, the call will cut off sometimes.

So I hope that dual-processor MCS will be available soon.


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Re: When MCS 7835 will be Dual-CPU available!!!

I have heard that support for dual processor is on the roadmap but I am not sure how far down the road it is. I know that it will be targeted at large customer with a lot of users. Not sure what the availablity will be for smaller customers. If the code is there to take advantage of multiple processors I would think they will find away to make it available for all customers. Not sure what the timeframe is.

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Re: When MCS 7835 will be Dual-CPU available!!!


In general, I think the resolution to the issue you talk about is to have at least 2 CallManagers in your cluster, and have all the call processing take place on the subscriber as the primary CM, and the publisher (where all the database activity including CCMAdmin takes place) is the backup CM.

There are plans underway to create an MCS server with multiple processors and more memory, and I believe engineering trials are going to begin in the next several weeks, but I don't know the timeframe of general availability.

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Re: When MCS 7835 will be Dual-CPU available!!!

We have been using dual processors in all of our production CallMangers and CallManager App boxes (MOH, TFTP, IP ICD) for over a year.

Athough it is unsupported. We were told by our account team that, Cisco would not support the second processors, and if TAC requested during troubleshooting an issue we would need to remove the second processors before troubleshooting could continue. So far it has not been an issue.

Another thing we did is as similar to what Dave Goodwin mentions, we a a dedicated TFTP server for the CCM cluster that also hosts all Web apps for the cluster (CCMAdmin, CCMUsers, etc.). This puts all the web processing on a server other than where the call processing is.

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