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Where am I phone feature?

Has anyone ever deployed or heard of a service that would allow a user to put that they are for example at lunch for 1 hour, and then have it appear on another users phone? We used to have something like this on our Ericsson system 100 years ago, and the president here thinks it would be great to implement, and can't understand why it wouldn't be a part of the Cisco Call Manager's feature set. My reasoning for it not being there would be that you can forward to a cell phone or an attendant when out of the office so why would you need it, but I would be really interested to hear about anything similar that someone has deployed.



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Re: Where am I phone feature?

You can use the callforwarding feature in CCM to forward the calls to the appropriate number based on Time of day.


Re: Where am I phone feature?

I'm not sure if I understand what you need by have it appear on another extension. Are you referring to other phones displaying that the user is available at a different extension or route all calls to a different extension.

If it is option 1, then I dont think this is possible as of now. For option 2, as mentioned in the previous post, you can do a Call Forward All to another extension, cell phone, PSTN phone.

Re: Where am I phone feature?


You might be able to do this in Unity Connection with the Personal Call Transfer Rules

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Re: Where am I phone feature?

There are commercial products available out there which can help you do this. PhoneTop Status does something like this.

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