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where are the .cnf's in 3.3?

where did the .cnf.xml IP phone config files go? Prior to 3.3, they were in the tftppath directory. Now, they're not? I can't find them. Where'd they go?


Re: where are the .cnf's in 3.3?

if the tftp build is enabled, I beleive your looking for the TFTPpath directory, or you may need to enable the TFTP build cnf:

Configuration files may be in a .cnf format or a .cnf.xml format, depending on the device type and your TFTP service parameter settings. When you set the BuildCNFType service parameter to Build All, the TFTP server builds both .cnf.xml and .cnf format configuration files for all devices. When you set this service parameter to Build None, the TFTP server builds only .cnf.xml files for all devices. When this parameter is set to Build Selective, which is the default value, the TFTP server builds .cnf.xml files for all devices and, in addition, builds .cnf files only for a select list of device types that are provided in Table 8-1:

if the

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Re: where are the .cnf's in 3.3?

I wondered the same thing. Turns out that Cisco has turned on memory caching of the configuration files by default, so they are not written to disk. If you want to see the files, go into Service Parameters for the TFTP Server, click the Advanced button, and go to the bottom of the screen. Change "Enable Caching of Configuration Files" to False, update, and in a few minutes the files will be built in the TFTPpath directory.

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