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Where do you configure incoming calls?

Where in Call Manager do you configure incoming calls?


Re: Where do you configure incoming calls?


It depends!.

On the gateway you have to assign a calling search space, if this calling search space includes the partition that the lines on the phones are assigned to then for any incoming number call manager will attempt to find a match in the partitions. So in effect if the incoming digits match the extension numbers you don't configure incoming calls they just work.

If the numbers don't match then what you need to do is create translation patterns that convert the incoming digits to the extension numbers. I personally like to do this with specific partitions whether the incoming numbers match or not. This way you can send calls to other destinations if you don't want to give an extension DDI for example but the extension number is in the middle of the range.

The following should help

1. Configure a Partition called internal_p (assign all extension to this)

2. Configure a partition called DDI_p

3. Create a Calling Search Space called Internal_CSS & add the internal_p

4. Create a Calling search space called DDI_CSS

5. Add the DDI_P to the DDI_CSS

6. Assign the DDI_CSS to the gateway

7. Create a translation pattern 2xxx (assuming you are receiving 4 digits begining 2) and assign it to the DDI_p, but do not translateany digits (unless required)

8. Have the translation access the Internal_CSS

9. Make incoming calls (or should i say receive)

This way you can also modify the incoming CLI to have a 9 prefix if required.


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Re: Where do you configure incoming calls?

You first have to set up a Gateway.

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