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Where to get SIP Firmware images?


a customer of me is developing CTI software and wants to start developing Software to integrate Cisco IP Phones. We have a 7960 Series Phone and while trying to get SIP running (for Asterisk) I've noticed I'm not allowed to download the SIP Software from Ciscos Software Center.

So I called my Distributor who told me I need a SmartNET account to get this software and I should have bought this service account additionally to the phone. He also told me it's not possible to get such an account later on without buying a new IP Phone so there is no way for me to get the SIP Software.

Actually I cannot believe what he is saying and want to know how I can get this images/software.

Thank you.


Re: Where to get SIP Firmware images?

I believe what your distributor is saying is true about having an account with Cisco. You need to have a contract with Cisco to be able to login to the software center and download Cisco files.

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Re: Where to get SIP Firmware images?

In my oppinion, my distributor should also be able to sell me the neccessary contracts to get this software but he told it's not possible to get this contract without buying an IP Phone and he tries to sell me new IP Phones.

Since the customer does not want more (for his purposes useless) IP Phones but a single working phone to develop his CTI software and therefore he does not want additional phones.

After explaining this to my distributor he told me it's impossible to get this contract after buying the phone, it has to be bought with the phone and he is not able to help me getting the SIP software, that's really frustrating.


Re: Where to get SIP Firmware images?

You can buy a smartnet contract for your existing IP phone without having to buy new handsets.

It will give you download access on CCO for all new software and also gives you TAC access, which can be invaluable if you have a problem - you won't have to rely on free advice !

You should be able to go to the following URL and get more information on getting a contract direct from Cisco if you are getting the run around from your distributor -

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