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Which Headset ?

I'm looking for a wireless headset which would be able de answer a call just by clicking on a button on the headset. So that the user would not need to be near his IP Phone.

Does it exist ?

thanx !


Re: Which Headset ?

Check out these headsets



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Re: Which Headset ?

Thank you to the both of you for your answers.

But those headsets are not able to go off hook just by clicking on it. You still need to manipulate the IP Phone and to be near it.

I know that plantronics sells a Handset lifter ( but my customer don't want to hear about it. He wants something more "automatic".


Re: Which Headset ?

you can also go this guy. he sells this adapter that you can then use a Bluetooth transmitter receiver from Jarba or another brand.


Re: Which Headset ?


As you know, it has an available handset lifter (model HL-10, motorized via AC power) that takes the reciever off-hook when the button on the wireless earpiece is pressed.

The wireless IP phone 7920 also has a headset jack that allows handsfree. The benefit is that the user can see the inbound caller ID without being at a desk.

Hope that helps.


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Re: Which Headset ?

Try the Plantronics CS60 with lifter. If the headset is for the Attendant Console user then the lifter is not required.


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Re: Which Headset ?

Thank you

But, as I said, My customer don't want to hear about the lifter.

So I'm Searching another solution ...

If someone has any idea,


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Re: Which Headset ?

Hi Bastien,

I have looked high and low for a product like you are descibing and it doesn't exist. :(

So you are left with one of 4 choices as outlined correctly by Sankar,Tommer and Tom;

1. Go with the lifter

2. Go with the 7920

3. Use the nice "Auto Answer on Headset"

feature that is built in with CCM.

4. Use an analog cordless phone with a Headset.

Sorry man, but I have looked everywhere!


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Re: Which Headset ?

Thank you.

I was afraid of getting such an answer. But it seems you're right !!

It's a pity not to be able doing that !!

Anyway, I have another solution for you :

5. use IP Communicator with plantronics USB Headset. Indeed, Plantronics provides with USB Headset a litte software that interact with TSP Plugin and can go off hook or on hook juste by pressing a button on the headset. So you don't need anymore to be at your office !

Well, of course, you must use an IP Communicator ...

Maybe, one day, plantronics will ship a headset that will be connected to the IP Phone while having an USB connection to the computer (so it can interact with TSP).

It would be great !



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