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Which Module for the 2821 Router?

We are purchasing a 2821 Voice bundle (CISCO2821-V/K9) to terminate an ISDN PRI (U.S.). What is the best card for this router - VWIC-1MFT-T1= or NM-1CE1T1-PRI=? With the following in mind: we will pass the traffic via SIP to an application server, need DTMF and Echo Cancelation features.


Re: Which Module for the 2821 Router?

For a single PRI, you will need a card like vwic-1mft-t1. It costs list 1300$. I would suggest to go with vwic2-1mft-t1. (version 2 wics). These can home a Echo canceler module (extra cost and is a daughter card). Echo cancellation can now be done in hardware with this add-on module. Its the same price for the v1 and v2 cards.

Also, for an extra 700 dollars (2000 USD list total) you can the two port VWIC rather than getting the 1 port vwic for 1300 USD (Gives future expansion capabilities).

Also the 2821 voice bundle comes with 32 channel DSP chip which can be inserted on the DSP slot on the mobo of the router. Not sure if you need to set up any conferencing or transcoding resources on this router. If then you will need more DSPs. Use the DSP calculator to find out if you need more DSPs than 32 channels.


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Re: Which Module for the 2821 Router?


Thanks for the reply. Can you comment further that:

1. For sure the VWIC you mention supports a U.S. ISDN PRI?

2. What is the pro/con/difference of using the VWIC vs. this part: NM-1CE1T1-PRI= ?




Re: Which Module for the 2821 Router?

1. VWIC will support US ISDN PRI.

2. For voice it is better to go with vwic, which you can use as a voice interface card or a wan interface card. Where as NM-1CE1T1-PRI= is more WAN connectivity, in another words for data transmission.

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