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Which VIC/mod needed to....

Voice over IP/FR Question. Don't mean to bombard you with a bunch

of stuff....any assistance would be helpfull.

- 2 sites (A=main, B=remote)

- Remote site has approx. 5 users

- Sites are connected via a Frame Circuit (256K)

- Both sites have a Nortel Meridian Option II switches

- Site B wants to be able to call site A (and vice versa) without having to

pay a long distance phone call. They want to be able to reach each other

via a 4/5 digit extension along with fax to each other. All other calls will

be handled out through the PBX/Telco and not across the Frame connection.

- I'm not sure which VIC module to use, VIC-2FXS, VIC-2FXO or VIC-2E&M????

- From what I've read, I beieve that the VIC-2E&M will allow me to connect the

two Meridian Option PBXs together across the Frame connection and then configure


- Main Site Router: 2610, necessary IOS, Flash & DRAM, NM-2V with ???VICmod

- Remote Site Router: 1750-2V, necessary IOS, Flash & DRAM, NM-2V with ???VICmod

- Also, since this is a 256 FR link, how many concurrent calls could be made across

the link (PBX to PBX) while still allowing bandwidth for normal IP host traffic?

Does the number of VICmods/ports in each router (connected to each PBX) determine

my limits?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Which VIC/mod needed to....

If you use e&m you need to buy e&m modules for the meridian.

2610 ios ip+, dram and flash depending on ios, nm-2v only if you need 4 voice ports.

1750-2v (use 1751-v), ip voice, dram & flash depending on ios, nm-2v cannot be used on 1750 family.

The concurrent calls depend on the compression, but you can easily manage 4 calls (maximium numbers of voice ports for those models)

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