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Whitepaper? Other Technical docs?

Jeff,<br><br>We are ready to do a large corporate site install in southern California. The Exchange administrator is screaming for technical documentation of how his site will be impacted and exactly how Unity will integrate. We have had a phone meeting and more will follow but he's also looking for 'meaty' technical papers on Unity. The standard marketing material just won't cut it.<br><br>He doesn't seem to understand even some of the basic Exchange functions but I want to give him something.<br><br>Do you have anything I can give him?<br><br>Thanks a bunch!<br><br>Rob Thornton<br>Special Order Systems<br><br>


Re: Whitepaper? Other Technical docs?

Unfortunately I don't have a library of up to date technical white papers that are going to make them happy... I have a networking overview document that's up to date that covers a bunch of the Exchange stuff but it's pretty high level (it's target audience is folks that don't really know much about email systems and the like). It's focuses more on the networking options coming in 3.0 than in our impact on Exchange.

We are working on updating whitepapers on security, network traffic impact and integration models but it's all going to be for 3.0 Unity and it's going to be a while before they're up to snuff I'm afraid...

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Re: Whitepaper? Other Technical docs?

What would you provide your staff or clientelle who ask? Do you do a custom write up for each scenerio?

I can possibly gather enough tech notes from this forum to put together something but it seems painful.


Rob Thornton

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