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Why am I seeing different byte sizes on the different ends of the VoIP calls?

I have an AS5300 and a 3640 that I am using for VoIP calls. When I do a "show call active voice" on each end of the call I am seeing different payload under the CodecBytes output. On the AS5300 (originating) side I am seeing the bytes that I have specified for the payload in the VoIP dial-peer. On the 3640 (terminating) side I am seeing the default payload side. I was under the impression that the payload side would be determined by the VoIP dial-peer on the originating side. And I have been unable to find anything on the CC0 site specifying how to set up my terminating side so that it will use the same byte size as my originating side. Is there anyway that I can do this or am I stuck with the terminating side using the default payload size? The reason I ask this is because with it configured this way I there is a large disparity in the number of packets inbound/outbound on this circuit.


Re: Why am I seeing different byte sizes on the different ends o

Codec will be negociated and same codec on both directions is determined normally by TGW.

Payload sizes normally are determined by the codec preferrence defined on each gateway.

And different payload sizes can interoperate, i.e, g723ar53 on one direction, g723ar63 on the other.

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