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WinFax problem

I have a PC with a modem that is connected to a VG248 port. This PC has the Symantec Winfax application to send faxes. Anyone has experience with this app, modem and VG? It is not possible to send fax through the WAN (G729 codec) and it is not able either to send fax to another fax in different company but also connected to a VG248.

Any idea?

The VG port configuration:

Fax Relay: Disable

Passthrough: automatic

The gateway configuration:

mgcp modem passthrough voip codec g711alaw

mgcp fax t38 inhibit


Re: WinFax problem

WinFAx Pro 10.0 sends out at 14400 regardless of the speed setting. This can cause problems with

the GW if using a low bit rate codec like g729, which is a 8k codec, and the fax rate being 14400 is

greater than the bit rate. It would be better to configure a fax-rate of 7200 in that case where

codec is g729. If the codec is g711, which is a 64k codec, then ny fax rate will work fine.

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Re: WinFax problem

Hi Sir,

We also have kind of similar problem,

we are using fax server W2k, and using G711 codec, the fax can send paper but cannot receive. It always came out with 'receive error' in fax log.

We already set the speed to 9600 but it wont solved the problem. Please advise on how to resolve.

Thanks and Regards

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