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wireless headset and 7941/7961


What wireless headsets are supported on CM4.1.3sr2 and phones are 7941/61?

And if supported, any recommendations



Re: wireless headset and 7941/7961

I have used both wireless headsets listed here

without any problems with a bug thumbs up for the CS50.

Hope this helps.

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Re: wireless headset and 7941/7961

I'm getting ready to order a couple of these I found in the forums:

You can basically then use any Bluetooth type of adapter around instead of being locked into the plantronics or hello direct type of deal. But I know with the Plantronics or Hello Direct, they have that motorized handset lifter dealio and then the unit that clips to your belt. So when the phone rings, it lifts the handset on the phone, and connects to the receiver clipped on your belt with a cable to your headset.

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Re: wireless headset and 7941/7961

I had a GN Netcom GN9000 and cannot recommend it.

At first I had no problems at all but months later the build-in battery got bad.

The repair would have cost about 250€ which is nearly the cost of a new one.

I opened the headset and replaced the battery with a new one I found in an electronics store for 5€. This worked for the next month and it got bad again.

(We had the same problem with several other headset of this type. Our hotline now uses wired headsets again.)

I don't know if the new models have the same problem. You'll find them here:

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Re: wireless headset and 7941/7961

Hi Anthony,

I have to agree with Travis on the Plantronics CS50.

We have been using them for some time now and our users love them. They are quite flexible with multiple configuration styles for the way people want to wear them.The range is good (200 to 300 ft.) and because of the many channels available for use there can be a number of users within a small area on concurrent calls without any interference.The other thing that we liked about them was that they are 900MHz so they don't interfere with our wireless infrastructure.As Tommer mentioned, there is a HL10 handset lifter available that adds remote ring detection functionality.

Hope this helps!


PS . I am not a product rep for Plantronics just a phone guy who likes the product!!

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