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WMS Idle:

My Unity, 12 port UM 4 port faxing with Outlook 2000 installed, is intermittently, at the login screen, leaving a message that says:<br><br>WMS Idle: License Syncher.exe<br>Application Error<br>------------------------------<br>The instructions @ 0.5e831580 <br>referenced memory @ 0x000000000<br>The memory could not be read<br><br>Do we know what this is, cause, and or fix?<br>It does not seem to be affecting the Unity in any adverse way but the customer is wondering if it could be the start of a more severe problem.<br><br>


Re: WMS Idle:

No, that's nothing serious, but it is annoying... the License Syncer rips through the directory every night and recaclulates how many of each license count are being used. We do this since if folks are toasted out of Exchange without deleting them via the SA (which happens often) we don't free the licenses that guy was using up... as such you can get into a situation where you're being dinged for more licenses than you're actually using which tends to make people unhappy.

We've had a couple of known problems in 2.3.6 and 2.4.0 with the license syncer bombing out like that or spining in a tight loop and taking up all the CPU. In those cases we can "stub it out" and keep it from running temporarily until a fix can be applied. The 2.4.6 LicenseSyncer is reasonably solid (I know of no active reports of problems with it). You can also run it manually (you'll find it in the Unity program group) so if you do want to stub it out to prevent the messages from popping up you can run it manually (assuming you can get it to complete).

If it's a concern, open a case with TAC. There should be an updated version we can drop on to 2.4.0 if the site doesn't want to go to 2.4.6.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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