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Won't accept CCM 3.3.2 product key


I'm having problems with the product keys for CCM 3.3.2. I am following the document:

But it will not accept the key that stats with AODS (which is the key I used during the OS install.) It also won't accept the key starting with OWVG. The key starting with BTOO is accepted but then fails at the end saying it can't run a CCMtmp\setup.exe or something similiar. According to the install log, the product key is invalid.

I'm searched here and on the web and can't find anything recent on this topic.





Re: Won't accept CCM 3.3.2 product key

I guess my first question is if you are licensed for that version and have all of the CDs for the version you are trying to install? I would ruerun the OS install and use the BTOO key from the start depending on your licensing.

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Re: Won't accept CCM 3.3.2 product key

I'm licensed for 3.3.3 but haven't received the CDs yet (due this week sometime.) In the interim, I was given (by Cisco) 3.3.2 CDs with OS 2000-2.4. I've installed the 2.4 OS successfully, but the 3.3.2 CCM installer won't accept the keys.

I suppose I can go back and try installing the OS with the BTOO key, but what a pain in the ...... I've re-imaged 5 3850's several times at this point.

There has to be a better way.


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Re: Won't accept CCM 3.3.2 product key

Well I reimaged the machine with the 2.4 OS using the BTOO key and then attempted to install CCM 3.3.2. At the end it errors out with "Failed to launch "C:\CCMTmp\DVD\Setup.exe"" which is the Cisco Directory.

I went into that directory and Setup.exe is there, so I launched it manually (leaving the error window from the CCM up so it didn't back-out.) It did run and attempted to install DC, but errored out with "Install of DC Directory failed. Please refer to c:\dcdsrvr\log\IntegratedSetup.trc" for details"

That file referred me to dcdsetup, which says...

Read DVD config file: C:\CCTmp\DVD\DCDirectoryInstaller\dcdsrvr.ini

ENTRY: ispardin()

INI file c:\CCMTmp\DVD\DCDirectoryInstaller\dcdsrvr.ini does not exist!

... other errors related to above...

I suppose its possible the .ini file didn't get created because the CCM installer didn't finish the way it was supposed to.

So in reality, I'm right back where I started. I cannot install CCM 3.3.2 on top of a brand new install of OS2000-2-4 on a 3835.

I'm at a loss.... help, anyone... please.


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Re: Won't accept CCM 3.3.2 product key

Well just in case someone else has this problem, the solution turned out to be one of two things:

1. Don't have the OS installation disks join an NT domain.

2. Don't change the date/clock. (Every time I re-imaged the CDs changed the BIOS time/date back to early June.)

It was probably #1, but I've seen #2....


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