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Work arround for the RDN

I have Cisco unified messaging version 4.0.3, Cisco call manger ver 3.3 and NAS 5400, The PSTN is connected to the NAS via E1 DID R2 signaling, and the NAS is connected to the CCM and CU via the LAN.

When someone EX. (5758888) calls a subscriber Ex. (5758888) and there is no answer, the call is forwarded to the NAS. When the local exchange carrier (LEC) switch detects an incoming call that is destined for a busy or No answering party, the switch formulates a Q.931 setup message with the redirected number (RDN) Field set to the original destination number (5758888), and sends it to the gateway. The called-party number of the setup message is set to one of the DNIS access numbers of the gateway (7680481). The original called number is then the RDN, and the number that was called to access the server is the DNIS. Whenever the RDN field

Is populated, the UM application uses it to retrieve (using LDAP) the subscriber profile from a directory

Server. If there is a matching subscriber, UM retrieves and plays the subscriber's personal greeting.

Now the question is if the Co didn’t send the RDN, is there any workaround to solve this problem?

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