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working sample of updatePhone on CCM 6.1.1a

Does anyone have one? Specifically I have the following issue:

If I completely ignore the lines, then everything is okay. If I remove the lines, it's okay as well, and swapping out an existing line for another one is also okay.

However, a simple request that changes nothing, but that keeps the line that was already on the phone prior to the request, fails with an update permission error from the db (when executing the following statement: update DeviceNumPlanMap set fkcallingsearchspace_monitoring='c4cb90cc-2ad4-f28c-77d2-f4b3b43734c2',MaxNumCalls='4',displayascii='ascii callerid',tkMWLPolicy='0',tkRingSetting_Consecutive='0',SpeedDial='',Label='line',LabelAscii='ascii line text label',tkRingSetting_IdlePickupAlert='0',BusyTrigger='2',NumPlanIndex='1',tkPartitionUsage='99',tkStatus_AudibleMWI='2',fkNumPlan='03cb5694-2506-8b12-d36f-a472ea280af7',tkRingSetting='0',tkRingSetting_ActivePickupAlert='0',E164Mask='0448153XXX',fkDevice='3f292710-54a6-e68e-f337-8ce33ce1e0cb',Display='display',CallInfoDisplayMask='9' where fkNumPlan='03cb5694-2506-8b12-d36f-a472ea280af7' and fkDevice='3f292710-54a6-e68e-f337-8ce33ce1e0cb'


I have a case open in case this is something that needs fixing, but perhaps in comparing requests I could figure out a workaround (this code should go online on Saturday.. and I'm afraid the updateDeviceProfile will result in the same issue since the code behind the statement is the same.. the same tables are being used after all).

I've attached one of my requests. Leave out the <lines>...</lines> and it works beautifully.


Re: working sample of updatePhone on CCM 6.1.1a

Cisco came back with an answer so I figured I'd share it here: my request contained the tag partitionUsage which is not allowed in the update statement (it's a comment in the schema). Leave it out and the problem goes away.

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Re: working sample of updatePhone on CCM 6.1.1a

Thanks for your comment, it was really helpful (I ran into the same issue).



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