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World Clock IP Phone Service

Good afternoon,

I implemented the World Clock service for my users here who found it extremely useful.

It appears that have either amended URL's or more likely, changed the site layout.

Therefore my questions are thus:

a) anyone have the code to get this working for my users in the short term

b) do you know of any resources to assist me with learning for this? although NOT the Cisco SDK for Phones as this really does skim over quite a bit although it does say that the book is not intended to show any basics of .asp, jsp and XML....

Also, as an aside, I'd like to know how to strip HTML from a website and present it to my telephone as raw text. any ideas?



Re: World Clock IP Phone Service

I can't help with the World Clock Service, but I can chime in on stripping html. The phone browser, in my experience, properly ignores any tags it doesn't under stand so you really don't need to strip anything out.


New Member

Re: World Clock IP Phone Service

I found it easier to use ASP rather than the pure javascript shown in the SDK examples. I use this to grab an online weather forecast, extract the text I want and send it onto the phone. There are a couple of ways you can grab the web page and stripping html tags can be accomplished quite easily, an example function is below. You also might want to remove other formatting characters to be sure the information you send to the phone displays correctly.

VB function to strip HTML tags :

function StripHTML(ByRef asHTML)

Dim loRegExp ' Regular Expression Object

Set loRegExp = New RegExp

loRegExp.Pattern = "<[^>]*>"

' Return the original String stripped of HTML

StripHTML = loRegExp.Replace(asHTML, "")

' Release object from memory

Set loRegExp = Nothing

End function

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