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Wrong extension causes caller to go to operator

I have a company setup with 3 digit extensions, who used to have 2 digit extensions. The problem is that when people call in they don't listen to the greeting and enter the old extension. Doing this causes them to go to my operator not the other companies operator. Is there anyway to contain the caller to the company which they called?<br><br>


Re: Wrong extension causes caller to go to operator

I guy on my team wrote this. We are working to get it on CCO.

Scenario: This situation would be evident if the customer is using Unity as it's Auto Attendant for multiple sites. Each site would have it's own DN setup in CM. In this case, customer has 60 sites and each location has its own local number going to a specific Call handler created in Unity.

Problem: If the caller hits an invalid extension, they are dumped into the Opening Greeting and are unable to get back to the location Auto Attendant. The requested behavior is: if the caller types in an incorrect extension, they should hear the error message "I'm sorry, that is not a valid extension...." and then re-routed back to the location's Auto Attendant.

Solution: This is possible in 2.4.6.x and 3.x, but each version it is done differently. I will explain how to do in both, so that when you convert to 3.1.x, you will have those directions as well.

In Unity 2.4.6.x:

1. Download Buld Edit Utility from . Save file to a directory on the Unity server. 2. Double click the saved file to unzip the files to a known directory. 3. Run setup. Choose the defaults. It will set up a program group, Bulk Update. 4. Run Bulk Update from the start menu. 5. From the initial screen, choose to Edit Call Handlers. Click 'Next' to continue. 6. Click on the 2nd radio button next to "Call Handlers with extensions from:". Enter the extension of the Call Handler. The same value must be entered in both fields. Click on Preview to vderify your selection. Click 'Next' to continue. 7. Click on the Greetings Tab. 8. Click on the Error Tab. 9. Under the 'After Greeting Action', choose the 4th radio button: Go to Call Handler: and click on 'Find'. 10. Call Handler Search box appears. Click on 'Search'. All Call Handlers will appear. Choose the same Call Handler as you selected in step 6. This will appear as though we are setting up a loop. Click on 'Ok'. 11. Returning to the previous screen, the selected Call Handler will appear in the 'Go to Call Handler' field. Click 'Next'. 12. The Apply Changes screen appears. At this point you will enable the changes you have selected to make. This should not take very long - we are only updating one Call Handler at a time. 13. After the update, you will get an Update Complete message. It will state that the cache must resynch before the SA will reflect these changes. It is suggested you complete the changes on all of the call handlers before restarting Unity. Click 'Ok' 14. If you are given the option to view the output log. Click 'Ok' to view. 15. If you have more Call Handlers to update, then click 'Previous' two times to return to the 'Choose Call Handler' screen. Repeat steps 6 - 13 as necessary. 16. When complete, click 'Exit' and restart Unity to force the synch of the cache.

After the reboot of Unity, test the changes out by dialing an invalid extension from any of the changed Call handlers.

In Unity 3.x:

1. Download Unity Registry Settings from . Save file to a directory on the Unity server. 2. Double click the saved file to unzip the files to a known directory. 3. Run setup. Choose the defaults. It will set up a program group, Unity Registry Settings. 4. Run Unity Registry Settings from the start menu. 5. Unity Registry Settings window opens up. There are a number of Unity settings to choose from on the left pane. Choose 'Expose the error greeting for the subscribers on the SA. 6. The right pane now shows up with the registry settings of this value. Under the New Value drop down, choose '1' for true. Click on 'Set'. 7. Notification window will appear confirming that registry setting has been set. It will inform that Unity may need to be restarted for the changes to take affect. Click 'Ok'. 8. Click 'Exit' to close Unity Registry Settings. 9. Restart Unity. 10. Once Unity has finished restarting, open SA Web. 11. Navigate to Call Handlers. Search for desired Call Handler. 12. Navigate to Greetings. 13. Under the 'Greetings' drop down list, choose 'Error'. 14. Under the 'After Greeting' list, click on the third radio button, 'Send Caller to' and select 'Call Handler' under the drop down list. 15. Click on 'Select Call Handler' next to the drop down list. 16. Call Handler Selection window opens. Click on 'Find' to list the available Call Handlers. Choose the name of the Call Hander in which we are currently editing. 17. Make sure the Conversation is set to 'Send to greeting for' in the drop down box. Click on 'Select' to return the previous window. 18. Click on the blue 'Save' icon to save the settings of this Call Handler. 19. Repeat steps 11 - 18 until finished editing desired Call Handlers.


Keith Chambers
Unity Technical Lead
Unified Voice Team, San Jose
Cisco Systems

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