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WS-6608 Gateway Operation

I'm trying to understand the behavior of the WS-6608 blade. Let's say I have a 6608 with a single interface configured as a MGCP PRI to the PSTN. The only other devices are 7960 phones. Assuming all devices are configured into the same g729 region, would transcoding ever be needed for any particular call? If so, please give me an example.

The question behind the question is I'm getting conflicting information and am wondering if a single port on the WS-6608 configured as a PRI gateway can convert the PSTN TDM call into g729 or g711 without the use of either a hardware or software transcoder? If the answer is yes, can it do both simultaneously?

My understanding is that it will convert TDM to the specific codec configured for the region the gateway port is configured in. For instance, in the example above, if there was another g711 region, it would require a transcoder somewhere to make a call out to the PSTN.

How does it really work? If you have a link to good 6608 and/or gateway operation, please let me know. Thanks.

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Re: WS-6608 Gateway Operation

No need for transcoder as the Cisco IP phone can negotiate either codec.

There are no software transcoders, only hardware.

You only need transcoders for endpoints which cannot negotiate multiple codecs or do no support particular codec. Also CRS for example can only be set to use either G711 or G729, so transcoder might be necessary.


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