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WSDL file on CM 5.0.4

When I try and validate the wsdl file from https://callmanager_ip:8443/realtimeservice/services/RisPort?wsdl using XMLSpy I get a schema validation error. soap:array basetype 'xsd:string[]' could not be found. Has anyone else run into this? I am really getting frustrated with the AXL documentation. Some axl requests that I have copied right out of the documentation do not work. It looks like Cisco can't even get schema documents correct.

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Re: WSDL file on CM 5.0.4

So I went digging on this and I believe this is a bug with XMLSpy... here's why:

My guess is that the '[]' at the end of the xsd:string is confusing it's parser. Yes, xsd:string certainly exists and XMLSpy is not confused on that basic point. But it looks like it doesn't expect the array notation of '[]'. I'm going to say that this is wrong for two reasons:

1) The WSDL 1.1 spec says that when you do declare an array as the Cisco Serviceability WSDL does, that:

The type of the items in the array and the array dimensions are specified by using a default value for the soapenc:arrayType attribute.

The key point this is making is that you have to specify the array dimensions, which the RisPort WSDL does by appending '[]' to the end of xsd:string to indicate that it is a one-dimension array.

2) Secondly, the WSDL 1.1 spec uses this exact syntax in an example!! Only difference is that the example in the WSDL uses xsd:float instead of xsd:string (which is a not a significant difference anyway).



I could see why this is a bug in XMLSpy in it's parser logic--they are perhaps doing a simple check against all type names defined in XSD but not for type names + '[]' or '[][]', etc etc.

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Re: WSDL file on CM 5.0.4

Thanks for that. I contacted the XMLSpy people.

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