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XML application development

Hi !

Do I really need SDK or Unified Application Environment to develop applications for IP Phones ?

I mean, since the IP phones can handle HTTP/XML requests and responses, can't I just build xml applications, put them in a Web Server and point an IP Phone Service to this Web Server ?

Thanks in advance,



Re: XML application development

no you don't, it will give you an easy environment to develop on, so you don't need to know all the API's...

I just develop everything on my own way, using servlets or JSP on tomcat on an application server.

You just need to know the XML schemas for the phones as it really strict what you can do with the phone browser.

so, yes that is right

New Member

Re: XML application development

Hi Monteiro

Thanks for your answer.

That's good news! I need to implement a service that somehow intercepts the Extension Mobility request to first check on a database if the person is authorized to place calls (based on billing reports). If the person is out of call credits, I'll return a "You have no credits" message, otherwise I may proceed with the EM login. At a first glance, do you think it is feasible ?

Honestly I have no extented programming skills and I just need to know if it can be done. If it is, then I'll find a way to do it !

Thanks !

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