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XML IP Phone services

Do someone knows a website where I can download new services (eg. weather) ??

I also installed the SDK and when I try StockTicker services, nothing appears on the screen... I debugged the program and I found that the problem was this line (around 25):

Inet1 = new ActiveXObject("CiscoURLProxy.URLGrabber")

Nothing happens after.

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Re: XML IP Phone services

I had the same problem on one install. I found that the CiscoURLProxy.dll didn't register to windows properly when I installed the SDK.

Run "Regsvr32 c:\windows\CiscoURLProxy.dll"

to manually register the dll.

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Re: XML IP Phone services

Check out

I dont know if you can get the source code, but they don't seem to mind you pointing your phones at it.

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Re: XML IP Phone services

Make sure the Cisco dll is registered on the machine.

I think the file is CiscoURLProxy.dll in the system32 directory.

Run Regsvr32 c:\...\CiscoUrlProxy.dll to register

the file with windows.

I had the same problem you are having and this

did the trick.

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