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XML support by phone model

OK. I am sure that everyone developing applications for IP Phones has the same question.

When and/or where can a person go to see the supported XML commands for phones? It would be very nice if Cisco would put together a document showing the phones that support XML and the commands they support.

Does a 7902, 7910, 7905 or 7920 support XML execute? If not will they and if so when?

Even if a phone does not have a LCD display it would be nice to send commands to it. Like Dial: RTPrx and others.

I know that the 7902 and the 7920 do not at this time. I have heard that the 7920 will soon but have not seen any formal roadmap. Does it exist?

New Member

Re: XML support by phone model

This document is being drafted. There is an initiative to insure that all Cisco IP Phones respond to some subset of XML commands. Also, we are developing a method for developers to dynamically tell what XML objects that the phones will support through a header.

The 7905g, and 7912g, are supporting XML audio,text as of now, and that is in beta at this time. The 7902/7920 development has not yet begun.

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