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3560 48V DC?


We have just taken a rack in a datacentre in order to host a 3560 switch. When we arrived today we found 2x 48v MCB (mini circuit breaker) on a DIN rail. We were not prepared for this and expected to see standard AC plug sockets. (We are based in UK).

Our 3560 has an input on the back already for DC however we are struggling on two things:

1. What part do we need to connect from the DC MCB to the Cisco 3560, we cannot find the part number anywhere?

2. Does the Cisco unit itself actual step the power down from 48v to 12V as the DC input on the back of the cisco says 12v 3amp?

I would be very greatful for any help offered on this as we are really stumped.

Best regards


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Re: 3560 48V DC?


I always thought that the DC connection on the back of these switches was to connect to the RPS.

The data sheet for the 3560 seems to confirm this:

However, checking the hardware installation guide shows that we can connect up to a non-RPS dc supply:

It doesn't mention anything about input voltages, but I would be lax to connect the 48V in and expect the switch to step it down!

Regards, Ash.

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Re: 3560 48V DC?

Hi Ashley,

From looking at the install guide it looks as though we would need to order a different power module but I cant seem to find the correct one to replace the AC module with DC.



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