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7010 on NX OS 7.x

Hi Experts,

If you make a configuration change on a 7k in a VDC with 2 7k's, is the change automatically applied to the running configuration of both 7k’s or does it require you to write the configuration to affect both 7k's?

For Example:

Let's say that I modify the prefix of a summary route and the adjacent router doesn't accept causing the routed path to goe down.

- Can you simply reboot he 7k in the VDC and rely on the secondary 7k to re-route traffic?

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Christian J. Estes, cwne #85, cciew #42615

Each VDC is independent.

Not sure that I understand your question.

Each VDC is independent. Therefore if you modify one VDC this config will not automatically be applied to the other VDC on a single switch. For example if you define a loopback interface on one VDC, this will not be replicated to any other VDCs.

There is not really the concept of primary and secondary VDCs. See below a white paper explaining the concepts.

Whether or not traffic will be re-routed by the other VDC depends on your overall network design.



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