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Bring up NJ Data Center

I need to bring up a Data center, this will be the Primary and the Other data center in NV will be the back. The  NV data center us up. Basically i believe the Configs will be duplicated. I need somebody who can help me with this Turn up.


Man that is a pretty big and

Man that is a pretty big and complicated task i.e; bringing up not one two data centers.  And considering you have provided no information at all it is just not possible to provide any help. 

Also if you do not have Cisco and data center design and turn up experience you really need to hire an outside consultant.

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hello AnilHere is the cisco

hello Anil

Here is the cisco validated design which you can refer to

and let me know if you have any specific question.



New Member

HI Kunal,I appreciate the

HI Kunal,

I appreciate the link however i should have been more specific. The two site’s  that i want to bring up have a CISCO2821 and one of the site is already up. I will be bringing the other site up and it is configured already and i have attached a config for you to view. I just need some direction on the routes that should be in place. I believe that each router should have the same config and one would be a backup site. The Config I have attached is the NJ site and it is off line right now and it will serve to be the Primary site. Let me know if you can help,





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