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Cisco OTV Vlan Not Forward Capable

Hi All,


I am trying to setup OTV between two routers.

Using show otv adjacency I can see the other router with stat UP, But the VLAN I want to extend has NFC as its current state.

# show otv vlan

OTV Extended VLANs and Edge Device State Information (* - AED)

(NA) - Non AED, (VD) - Vlan Disabled, (OD) - Overlay Down
(DH) - Delete Holddown, (HW) - HW: State Down 
 (NFC) - Not Forward Capable 

VLAN   Auth. Edge Device                     Vlan State                 Overlay
----   -----------------------------------   ----------------------       -------
1200                                         inactive(NFC)           Overlay1  


I cannot find any documentation on this state and what it can be caused by.

Does someone know what can cause this state? What can I do to troubleshoot this? 


This is my current config:

feature otv

otv site-vlan 1508

interface Overlay1
  otv join-interface port-channel2
  otv control-group
  otv data-group
  otv extend-vlan 1200
  no shutdown
otv site-identifier 0x1508


Any help would be appreciated :) 

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