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Cisco Vs HP Networking


i am having a Decision to take, and i need your help here, in fornt of my two Nice and Fancy proposal for my new network infrastructure one is provided

form HP and other is from Cisco.

i need to justify with strong argument why to go with Cisco as apperantly HP is offering a near Power devices in compare to Cisco offered solution.

i think it will be an intresting topic to have, (unless if there any regulation dosnt allow to have it here please advise me to remove it ).

the products are:

Access   Switches2960-XJG236A
Core SWN7K-7010HP 10508
Access PointAIR-CAP1602I-E-K9J9591A
Data Center FWASA5585-S10-K9JG216A
Internet FWASA5525-SSD120-K9JG213A
IPSIPS-4510-K9HP S6100N 8Gbps IPS
Mangment   SystemR-PI12-K9JF377AAE
SecuritySNS-3415-K9Modeules to   (JF377AAE)

hope this tiopic will get answers very soon

a copmare need to looke to the EOL terms in Cisco and HP

Support provided, featuers sets, future expantion, ROI ...etc

Best Regards,

Samer Hasan

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Cisco Vs HP Networking

When you decide upon pricing points, Cisco won't win.

So if this is the decision your management is going to make, don't even bother.

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Re: Cisco Vs HP Networking

Hi Leo,

that’s why i am taking the step ahead to provide a solid technical argument

why to have the investment in Cisco now compared to the  lower investment in having HP.

Can you help me with or if you have any document, case studies,

as I keep searching for comparisons or review but without success on the net.

one nice argument i did find is:

based on the EOL, whic  make scense.

Best Regards,


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Cisco Vs HP Networking

Another should be reliability and troubleshooting - when there is an issue, I would bet there are far more people able to assist with cisco devices as opposed to HP.

Push also the overhead for re-training and familiarising with the HP's - if its cost management are concerned with, push that you may need re-training to completely familiarise yourself with the HP products and downtime may become longer when and if there is an issue as a result.

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Re: Cisco Vs HP Networking

Guys !!!

seriously i need help here, so please give  it a thought and show me the creativity here  , please

i want to beat the offer on technical base.

As start the security provided by ISE is not compared to the modules offered in HP IMC, better in Cisco.

I need more … go guys… Yallla

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Cisco Vs HP Networking


STOP creating duplicate threads.  

If you want a technical document about Cisco vs HP, the best people to ask is your local Cisco AM/SE.

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Re: Cisco Vs HP Networking

Thank you,

i thougth i will get an answer from people working in differnet areas had the same case.

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