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Connecting Server to 7k & 5K double sided vpc design


I have two 5548UP version 5.2(1)N1(1b) connected to Nexus two 7k (version 6.1.2) forming double sided vPC design. The 5k is acting as access layer top of the rack and 7k as aggregate. The 7k is configured with vrf contexts and vlans with HSRP (all statics, no routing protocol). Everything is working fine in terms of vPC. Each server is connected to each 5k in dual connection mode.


1) Should the 7k hsrp vip be the servers gateway IP address or the 5K?

2) If the 5k is used as the servers gateway, does this mean 7k and 5k will have same vrf and vlan configurations?

3) If the 5K is not the servers gateway, what other configuration should be on 5k

Thanks advance.



One way of designing this is

One way of designing this is as follows:

Aggregation tier - N7Ks

- Provider Edge of the network.

- Server VLANs assigned to server VRFs.

- OSI Layer3/OSI Layer 2 boundary in the network.

- Hosts the OSI Layer3 server SVIs.

- Hosts OSI Layer2 server VLANs.

- Active/active HSRP for the server SVIs.

- OSI Layer3 uplinks to the core.

- vPC downlinks to the Access tier

Access Tier - N5Ks

- Customer edge of the network.

- OSI Layer2 vPC uplinks to the Aggregation tier.

- Aggregates uplinks from dual homed servers.

- Hosts server OSI Layer2 VLANs.


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