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Fabric Extenders

Hi Guys,

Just want to ask about Nexus configs here as I am new to fabric extenders technology.

I am attaching the implementations that we want to accomplish, is this possible?

Your opinion is very much appreciated. 

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Take away the link that

Take away the link that connects both FEX.  


Instead, if you want redundancy, you can connect both parent switch (5K, 6K or 7K)  using vPC.  This scenario is more common.  

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I actually proposed a plan

I actually proposed a plan (see attached) but the management seems hesitant since we have a very limited port in our N7Ks already and they want if its possible to use the previous diagram instead. BTW, there is a connection already b/w our N7Ks, only the downlinks are shown here. Thanks Leo.

Consult this design guide for

Consult this design guide for FEX. See Figure 7 for the standard FEX deployment scenarios.

None of the scenarios show a trunk link between the two FEXes.

If you are running vPC already on your N7Ks then be aware that they do not support Enhanced vPC. This is where you have redundant connections between the FEXes and the N7K parent switches running vPC,





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thanks sean.... your correct

thanks sean.... your correct there were no docs online that fex to fex  connection can be configure as trunk, thanks for the inputs guys.

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Your new diagram ain't going

Your new diagram ain't going to work.  

The FEX is a dumb switch so you need one parent switch.  You've got two independent parent switches.  This will NOT work. 


If, however, both parent switches are linked together using vPC, then this will work.  

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Hi Leo,These is actually the

Hi Leo,

These is actually the complete topology. Will it work?

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