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Link Aggregation methods other than LACP for Nexus 7706 for Palo Alto FWs

Link Aggregation methods other than LACP for Nexus 7706

The customer has Palo Alto Firewalls that have to connect to a Nexus 7K (7706). The Palo Alto devices do not support LACP, therefore I wanted to know if either PaGP or any other Link Aggregation specification will work between the N7Ks and the Palo Alto devices other than LACP (possibly 802.3ad)?



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If the Palo Alto Firewalls do

If the Palo Alto Firewalls do not support LACP (802.3ad) then try using static channeling between the firewalls and the 7K. To do this ensure that the channel mode is set to mode (ON) on the 7K.

#channel-group (#) mode on

Both the ACTIVE and PASSIVE channel modes will use LACP for negotiation.

The Nexus 7K does not support PAgP, this is a Cisco proprietary link aggregation protocol would not be supported on those firewalls.

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In case anyone comes across

In case anyone comes across this thread the way I have, Palo Alto finally added LACP support in PAN-OS 6.1, see the link below for details:

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Yes, we have recently

Yes, we have recently invested in PAN5060s which run 6.1(3) but I've been unsuccessful getting LACP to run either in active or passive mode. Supposedly the PANs require Cisco to be Passive (what I've read out there from someone).  I'm running a Nexus5672 with 7.0(5)N1.....

Anyone out there have any luck?



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Hi Michael / All

Hi Michael / All

Just wondering if anyone has had some success here?  I recently tried  with 5050s running 6.1.10  to Nexus 5672s   PA  passive and active with no  success.  We have recently moved to 7.0.11 so may circle back.



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