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N7k 7010

Im getting this error when I try to run Epld updates.

Could not extract EPLD images, Insufficient space in bootflash.

Failed to extract EPLD image file, Exiting..

I have allready delete some of the NXos bin files I downloaded. I'm currenty running 6.1 but need to install 6.2. I had another kickstart and dsk file in the bootflash but they are gone now. But still getting the above error. Any Ideas. ?

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N7k 7010


Please check whether there are space available in the bootflash of supervisor active and stand-by.

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N7k 7010

Are you trying to install the 6.2 EPLD while still running 6.1 NXOS? If so you need to upgrade to 6.2, then install the EPLD code. The error message is not a good one, but I am betting that is your issue.



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Yes. This error message pops

Yes. This error message pops even when you have plenty of free space on bootflash. I was on 6.1.3 and wanted to evaluate the impact of the EPLD upgrade, but I couldn't do so until I upgraded kickstart and system to 6.2.


have the same issue while

have the same issue while "show install all impact"  from 5.2.9 to 6.2.8a.
Is it Cisco recommended doing first the system and kickstart upgrade and than EPLD?
Or it's just a bet?

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Thanks for all the replies

Thanks for all the replies out issue turned out to be the Supervisor Module had to be replaced. Now everything us up and running smooth.

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