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NAM Queries


I have installed NAM in 6500 switches. I do have the below problem in configuring the NAM module..

1)      For alerts and scheduled reports to be send to e-mail, I did the needed configuration. On testing the send e-mail alerts to a specific mail address, the hostname of the NAM gets appended with the SMTP server.

Example: I mention hostname as TEST-NAM1 under network parameters, then under e-email configuration I mention the SMTP server and the test recipients as, when the NAM sends the e-mail alerts it uses as the sender address, ideally it should use

2)      Under monitor tab when I click on conversation and then a specific conversation then under host details it mentions DNS name not available. But the DNS parameters is configured correctly on the NAM

3)      Under the tab monitor – Applications – url, I see different URL’s and its related hits, customer needs the details of hits from where the hit is initiated and related details. I can see the counter of hits increase but there is no way to pull out it related details.

Kindly suggest...


Re: NAM Queries

1. The nam email format is : nam@hostname.FQDN

2. and 3. : need screenshots to help you further.

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Re: NAM Queries


Thanks for your reply....

Kindly find the attachment....



Re: NAM Queries

Try to send the test email with the ip address instead of the DNS name of the mail server and see if that fails again.

If it fails, it's related to your mail server configuration: nam@hostname.FQDN will have to be authorized and also your mail server needs to accept HELO and not only EHLO negociation.

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