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Nexus 1010 CIMC interface and management 0: same or different

Nexus 1000v/1010 experts:

Can someone clarify the difference between Nexus 1010 CIMC interface and management 0 interface?

I read lots of cisco docs about Nexus 1000v and Nexus 1010, but have not get my hands on physically.

1) You can assign IP address to CIMC port (10/100Mb) when installing Nexus 1010, in HA pair, primary and secondary can have different CIMC addresses, right?

From the remote management configuration:

Configuring Remote Management:


1. config t

2. nexus1010-system remote-mgmt primary ip ipaddr username username password password

3. nexus1010-system remote-mgmt secondary ip ipaddr username username password password

When you install Nexus 1010 without CIMC (through console), you configure a management 0 (management VLAN) IP addresses,


1) CIMC is used for Serial-over-LAN (connecting to CIMC ports, then "connect host"-->Nexus 1010 console?

So, is the management 0 IP address (shared among HA pair) different from CIMC port addresses (two Nexus 1010 can have different CIMC addresses)?

Thanks  in advance

Cisco Employee

Re: Nexus 1010 CIMC interface and management 0: same or differen

The CIMC is the Cisco Integrated Management Controller. It is the GUI interface that allows you to upgrade the server itself, collect /view logs, check the status of components (CPU,memory,adapters & drives).

Here is a more detailed description I found. I hope this helps.

CIMC Overview

Cisco Integrated Management Controller (CIMC) is used for management/monitoring of C-Series Rack servers. CIMC provides options like WebGUI, CLI and IPMI for management/monitoring tasks. CIMC runs on a separate chip on the C-Series servers and thus is able to provide services in case of any major hardware failure or system crash. CIMC also does user management tasks and supports user access levels of Admin (Full access), User/Operator (can change host features but not CIMC) and Read Only (can only see information). CIMC uses IPMI to monitor thermal and voltage sensors in the servers. CIMC is useful for initial configuration of the server and troubleshooting any problems in server operation; however CIMC can not be used for tasks like deploying an OS, deploying software patches, install software applications and manage external storage on SAN or NAS.

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Re: Nexus 1010 CIMC interface and management 0: same or differen


Thanks very much for your quick response!!!

As I know, Nexus 1010 is built on top of C-Series Rack server. Below is my understanding:

1) CIMC is the out-of-band management port for remote management/access to Nexus 1010.


      a) CIMC on Nexus 1010 is a Physical RJ-45 Port (10/100Mb) used for Out-of-Band management for access to the Nexus 1010 console (Searial-Over-LAN).

      b) The two Nexus1010 in the HA pair can have different IP addresses for CIMC port.

      c) CIMC can be used for initial setup of Nexus 1010.

2) management 0 is in-band: this IP address can be accessed from the network.

    a) The management 0 IP address/management VLAN -->tagged port Ethernet 1 and 2 to your uplink switches

    b) All VSB (VSM) inherit this management VLAN.

So, the IP addresses of CIMC port and management 0 are different, they can not talk?

Please correct me if I am wrong,

Thanks in Advance!!!

Community Member

Nexus 1010 CIMC interface and management 0: same or different

Regarding your point 1 and 2, they are correct

IP address of CIMC and management 0 are different. Hence in a HA pair, there would be three IP addresses in play

   1. Primary CIMC IP address

   2  Secondary CIMC IP address

   3  Management0 IP address

          Shared between Primary and Secondary, and held by whichever is Active

CIMC IP addresses are used to

     1. Power on / off servers

     2. Gain access to serial console of Nexus1010

         (Usefull during installation, or when management connectivity is lost)

     3. To handle split brain scenario

         (Need to configure the CIMC IP address on the Nexus1010 using the following command

              nexus1010-system remote-mgmt [primary/secondary] ip ipaddr username password )

Configuring CIMC IP address is not a must, but optional. Nexus1010 ships with accessories to connect the serial port to terminal server in the conventional way.  If configured it has its usefullnes explained in above 3 bullets.



Cisco Employee

Re: Nexus 1010 CIMC interface and management 0: same or differen

Yes they are different. The management address is used for the 1010 itself where the CIMC is like an ILO on an HP. Strictly info, rebooting, upgrading and such.

Hope this helps

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