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Nexus 5596P

Hi, we have Nexus 5596p and we can't create any ip prefix-lists for redistributing routes, although in the NX-OS configuration guide says that it is possible. Can you please give me a any hint ?

Version of NX-OS on 5596 UP:

kickstart image file is: bootflash:///n5000-uk9-kickstart.5.1.3.N1.1.bin

                system image file is:    bootflash:///n5000-uk9.5.1.3.N1.1.bin

DC_Strumica_SW1(config)# sh feature

Feature Name          Instance  State  

--------------------  --------  --------

Flexlink              1         disabled

amt                   1         disabled

bgp                   1         disabled

cts                   1         disabled

dhcp                  1         disabled

dot1x                 1         disabled

eigrp                 1         enabled

eigrp                 2         enabled

eigrp                 3         enabled (not-running)

eigrp                 4         enabled (not-running)

eth_port_sec          1         disabled

fcoe                  1         disabled

fcoe-npv              1         disabled

fex                   1         enabled

glbp                  1         disabled

hsrp_engine           1         enabled

http-server           1         disabled

interface-vlan        1         enabled

lacp                  1         enabled

ldap                  1         disabled

lldp                  1         enabled

msdp                  1         disabled

ospf                  1         disabled

ospf                  2         disabled

ospf                  3         disabled

ospf                  4         disabled

pim                   1         disabled

poe                   1         disabled

private-vlan          1         disabled

privilege             1         disabled

ptp                   1         disabled

rip                   1         disabled

rip                   2         disabled

rip                   3         disabled

rip                   4         disabled

sshServer             1         enabled

tacacs                1         enabled

telnetServer          1         disabled

udld                  1         enabled

vem                   1         disabled

vmfex                 1         disabled

vpc                   1         enabled

vrrp                  1         disabled

vtp                   1         disabled

DC_Strumica_SW1(config)# ip ?

  access-list        Configure access list

  adjmgr             AM information

  arp                Configure ARP parameters

  as-path            BGP autonomous system path filter

  auto-discard       Auto discard route

  community-list     Add a community list entry

  dns                Configure dns client

  domain-list        Add additional domain names

  domain-lookup      Enable/Disable DNS

  domain-name        Specify default domain name

  eigrp              EIGRP clear commands

  extcommunity-list  Add a extcommunity list entry

  host               Add an entry to the ip hostname table

  igmp               IGMP configuration commands

  igmp               IGMP global configuration commands

  internal           Commands for internal use

  load-sharing       ECMP load-sharing

  mfwd               Configures Global IP Multicast Forwarding

  mroute             Configure multicast RPF static route

  name-server        Specify nameserver address

  radius             Radius server

  route              Route information

  routing            Routing information

  source-route       IP source routing option

  tacacs             Tacacs server

  tcp                Global TCP parameters

  telnet             Configure telnet

  tftp               Configure TFTP client

Cisco Employee

Re: Nexus 5596P

There is a new bug opened against this. You will have to fall back to 5.0(3)N2(2b) to configure prefix-list.

I cannot share the bug ID right now, it is still internal.



Cisco Employee

Nexus 5596P

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