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New Member

Nexus 7009 N7K-SUP2 VDC Issue

Hi Folks,

I am getting below error while trying to create VDC. As per my knowledge by default 4 VDC's are allowed without VDC license.

CS7009-A(config)# vdc Production

ERROR: VDC create failed: License restrictions precludes further vdc creation

CS7009-A# sh vdc

vdc_id      vdc_name                   state               mac                            type                  lc     

------         --------                          -----               ----------                         ---------             ------ 

1            CS7009-A                    active              84:78:ac:13:22:c1        Ethernet              f2     

CS7009-A# sh license usage

Feature                      Ins  Lic   Status Expiry Date Comments



MPLS_PKG                      No    -   Unused             -

STORAGE-ENT                   No    -   Unused             -

VDC_LICENSES                  No    0   Unused             -

ENTERPRISE_PKG                No    -   Unused             -

FCOE-N7K-F132XP               No    0   Unused             -

FCOE-N7K-F248XP               No    0   Unused             -

ENHANCED_LAYER2_PKG           No    -   Unused             -

SCALABLE_SERVICES_PKG         No    -   Unused             -

TRANSPORT_SERVICES_PKG        No    -   Unused             -

LAN_ADVANCED_SERVICES_PKG     No    -   Unused             -

LAN_ENTERPRISE_SERVICES_PKG   Yes   -   Unused Never       -


ADM-G-CS7009-A# sh module

Mod  Ports  Module-Type                         Model              Status

---  -----  ----------------------------------- ------------------ ----------

1    0      Supervisor module-2                 N7K-SUP2           active *

3    48     1/10 Gbps Ethernet Module           N7K-F248XP-25E     ok

Mod  Sw              Hw

---  --------------  ------

1    6.1(2)          1.1    

3    6.1(2)          1.0    

Mod  MAC-Address(es)                         Serial-Num

---  --------------------------------------  ----------

1    84-78-ac-1c-08-41 to 84-78-ac-1c-08-53  JAF1720AJGQ

3    84-78-ac-1d-95-c8 to 84-78-ac-1d-95-fb  JAF1721ATKR

Mod  Online Diag Status

---  ------------------

1    Pass

3    Pass

Xbar Ports  Module-Type                         Model              Status

---  -----  ----------------------------------- ------------------ ----------

1    0      Fabric Module 2                     N7K-C7009-FAB-2    ok

2    0      Fabric Module 2                     N7K-C7009-FAB-2    ok

3    0      Fabric Module 2                     N7K-C7009-FAB-2    ok

Xbar Sw              Hw

---  --------------  ------

1    NA              3.2    

2    NA              3.2    

3    NA              3.2    

Please help



Nexus 7009 N7K-SUP2 VDC Issue

As per the error message, I think that the problem you have is due licensing.

As per Table 1: Feature-Based Licenses for the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series in the Cisco NX-OS Licensing Guide, to use VDC you need the Advanced Services License.

Additionally according to the Licensing Requirements for VDCs section of the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Virtual Device Context Configuration Guide:

Licensing Requirements for VDCs

Without a license, the following restrictions will prevent you from creating additional VDCs:

  • Only the default VDC can exist and no other VDC can be created.
  • On all supported Supervisor modules, if you enable the default VDC as an admin VDC, you can only enable one nondefault VDC.

The show license usage you included within your post indicates that you have neither the Advanced Services License nor VDC License and this means you're restricted according to the bullet points above.

If you need to use VDC now then you need to purchase the Advanced Services license. Note that you can enable a 120-day grace period with the license grace-period command within global context such that you could at least get the router configured as you want it, and install the license when you get it. Beware that any features enabled under a license grace period will be disabled at the end of the 120-days so ensure you get the license if you take this approach.

If you don't need VDC immediately or are not sure if you'll ever need them, then it may still be worth configuring the default VDC as the admin VDC, and then create a nondefault VDC as per the second bullet above. This would simplify matters at a later stage if you did want to add VDC.


New Member

Dear All ,

Dear All ,

We have purchased Nexus 7K with SUP 2E and LAN enterprise license(N77-LAN1K9) and SAN & LAN Advanced license(DCNM-LS-N77-K9) .

Can you tell me whether we can configure VDC using this features  as we did not purchase additional VDC license .

I am keenly waiting for your reply soon.

With regards


New Member

HI ,have you resolved this

HI ,have you resolved this issue?

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