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Nexus 7k

I have two Nexus 7k, in which I have configured 3 vdc's core, distr and serv. I have used vlan 202 as keepalive vlan in all the vdc for both the Nexus. I have a situation on SERV VDC. The vlan 202 which is acting as keepalive for both serv-s01 and serv-s02 is up and working on serv-s02 but not on serv-s01. The vlan is down down in serv-s01. The vlan is configured with eigrp and under vrf keep alive. Both serv-s01 and serv-s02 has exactly some config but still the vlan in serv-s01 is not coming up.


I'm not the 7k specialist,

I'm not the 7k specialist, here is somethig to think about it.

Normaly a VLAN is UP/UP only if there is a trunk where that VLAN is active ot a Port is in that VLAN. Is that the case on serv-s01?

Are you sure that the VDC is correct assigned to the necessary physikal ports in the "admin" context?



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Yes the vlan is allowed on

Yes the vlan is allowed on the peer link and also on the keep alive port channel between serv-s01 and s02. The physical ports are also same on both vdc's. I have tried to create a test vlan and pass it through the trunk but its not coming up. Also I have tried to create a normal VLAN without any vrf config but the situation is same.

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Hi,Could you post a "show


Could you post a "show module" and "show run vdc" please?

Also its not a good practice to use the VPC peer link as transit path for VPC peer keepalives so no need to allow vlan 202 there.  Do you have a dedicated link for the VPC peer keepalive link? Set this to trunk mode and ensure vlan 202 is allowed. also, ensure that you have specifically created vlan 202 then Interface vlan 202 as vpc peer keepalive source/destination and put it as a member of your designated vrf. Also if you use only one Port-channel for all VPC PKL for all VDCs, better create Port-channel subinterface there and configure as a member of vrf keepalive.



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