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Nexus7000 C7010 - Error logs - PLATFORM-3-EJECTOR_STAT_CHANGED


Hi Team,

We got a error logs like below.

%PLATFORM-3-EJECTOR_STAT_CHANGED: Ejectors' status in slot 1 has changed, Top Ejector is CLOSE, Bottom Ejector is CLOSE

Please check and let us know is there any impact because of this hardware logs.

  BIOS:      version 3.22.0
  kickstart: version 5.2(1)
  system:    version 5.2(1)


Thank you



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The ejector levers must've

The ejector levers must've been accidentally triggered.  


Use the command ""no hardware ejector enable" to stop this from ever happening again.

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 Thanks Leo,  Is there any


Thanks Leo,  Is there any issues because this logs.

Can you please explain briefly what is ejector where is it located physically.

Thanks lot



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The ejector levers are

The ejector levers are located at each corner of the line card.  When you need to remove the line card, you are suppose to press these levers simultaneously so the card can "gracefully" shut down.  


There have been known issues about people or the combined weight of the cables capable of pressing the levers, hence Cisco developed the "nerd knob" command to prevent this from happening.  


You can ignore the error message or you can completely reseat the line card.  Up to you.

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