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OTV across the Data Centres on Nexus 7000

Hi Guys,

We have the following setup in our DC's

DC1                                        DC2


Now the DC's are connected have L2 and also L3 IP connectivity. I was wondering if we could run OTV on the N7ks.

I realise that they are not connected directly edge to edge. However is there a possibility to encapsulate them in EoMPLS or some way on the 6k's and transport them across. we dont have EoMPLS yet but if we can OTV on top of it then we can look at it.

I understand that L2Tpv3 is not supported on the 6k's. Can someone confirm that as wel for me thanks.

If you have any other suggestions, I would apprecate that.

Regards, Kishore

Cisco Employee

OTV across the Data Centres on Nexus 7000

Hi Kishore,

You can run OTV on the Nexus 7000s in this setup w/o EoMPLS.  OTV only requires an IP network between the two Nexus they don't have to be directly connected.

Hope that helps


OTV across the Data Centres on Nexus 7000

Hi Chad,

Thanks for the reply. I would like to give you some information here so that I am on the right path.

Nexus 7k currently has L2 functinality only using  NX-OS 5.1.4 and following cards

1    48     10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Module N7K-M148GT-11      ok

2    32     10 Gbps Ethernet Module          N7K-M132XP-12      ok

I need a routed interface(/30) on the N7k for the OTV join-interface Don't I? and turn on L3 functionality on the N7k

6500  currently has L2 and L3  functionality and has the SUP- V10GE with  IOS : advip12.2(33)SXHa.

Every where I read the configuration examples were using the N7k directly conencted to each other hence i thought maybe they need to be directly connected.  Thanks for clearing that up for me.



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OTV across the Data Centres on Nexus 7000

If I understand correctly, your N7K is strictly L2. You will have to create another VDC to create both OTV internal and joint interface. The internal interface will be L2 only, the joint interface will be L3 running IGMP version 3 (not PIM).



Re: OTV across the Data Centres on Nexus 7000

Hi Jerry,

Hows it going? Hope you well.

Your correct. The N7K is strictly a L2 switch at the  moment. So if I understand you correct,you are suggesting 2 portchannels  1x L2 for internal interface that connects to the 6k and 1x L3 port  channel for the join-interface to the 6k. and put them in a seperate VDC  say VDC_JEYE would I be right?

Now should the internal interface be a 10G or can I  use 1 Gig as well if I dont have spare 10G ports on the 6k. for the L3  port channel i can use a gig interface right?

And the intra DC traffic can use the default VDC right?

Please advise


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OTV across the Data Centres on Nexus 7000

If I am understand you correctly, you are correct on question 1.

You don't need to have 10GE for internal interface. It is depends on your traffic volume.

Intra DC can be on the default VDC.

Here is a quick diagram of the toplogy:



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