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OTV Connecting M1 ports to F2 ports


HI Guyz,

I am Designing a OTV Topology, where i have M1 series card (N7K-M108X2-12L) in OTV VDC & F2 Series card (N7K-F248XP-25E) in Aggregation VDC.

I need to connect M1 interface as its OTV INTERNAL  interface to F2 interface in Aggregation VDC  to learns local mac-addr.

i will dual hommed M1 interfaces from  OTV VDC  to 2 different 7K aggregation VDC using VPC.

as shown in fig Link-3 & 4 will be vpc member ports for 7K-A , 7K-B.

Are there any Limitations for connecting M1 interface direcltly to F2 interface , as shown above OTV VDC M1 port connects to Aggn VDC F2 port.???



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OTV Connecting M1 ports to F2 ports

Can anyone weigh in on this?  I have the same question.  What is the best practice, mix F2e ports with M1 ports in OTV VDC or keep M1 only ports in OTV VDC?


Cisco Employee

OTV Connecting M1 ports to F2 ports

The only requirement to deploy OTV is the join interface must be in the M-module or F3 module (not avaliable for Nexus 7000 platform yet, only Nexus 7700).

The OTV internal interface, can be a M1 or even F-card in the lastest release.

About mix F2e with M1 modules, when you do that, the F2e routing capability is disabled, so all routing decision will be proxied to the M-module. This routing capacity is limited by the quatity of ports M that you have in your VDC.

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