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Question about Nexus 5k and Keepalive.


I have a concern. I understand than by best practices, the PEER-link and the peer-keepalive, should not be in the same link.  One best practices is to do the keepalive by the mgmt0, and the peer-link by one Port-channel. That is he normal.

But, what happen when the switch connecting the MGMT0 is down, or turn off? The VPN do not function.

Well, I did the keepalive using another interface. Between the Nexus 5k, not using the MGMT0.

The question is, the problem and risk remain.

The question is: Is possinble in the nexxus 5K to use the MGMT0 and another interface for keepalive purposes???? Like HA keepalive. Is possible that???

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Re: Question about Nexus 5k and Keepalive.

If you are using SVIs for vPC peer-keepalive, you cannot use peer-link to carry this keep-alive traffic. Most customers use mgmt0 interface for vPC peer-keepalives as well as to manage the switch remotely(telnet/ssh/snmp etc).

vPC peer-keepalives are used during initial vPC peer bring up and upon a failure of peer-link. So once vPC is fully established(primary/secondary roles), you could loose vPC keep-alives(on mgmt0 or SVI) and it will not impact anything as long as peer-link stays up.

You cannot combine mgmt and some other link for keep-alives for HA.

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