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"Local device is not AED-Capable" in "show otv site"?

I have two site doing unicast OTV. I just configured one site (config below). Understand there's no adjacency at the moment, but why in "show otv site", local device is not AED-capable? The site has only one Edge device, so shouldn't it be the AED for every extended VLAN?

Here is "show otv site" and "show otv", and the OTV configs on the device. It's a OTV VDC on Nexus 7k. Po1 is the internal interface. Po2 is the Join interface. The VDC is EIGRP with the Core VDC over the Join interface.


OTV-1# sh otv site

Dual Adjacency State Description
    Full     - Both site and overlay adjacency up
    Partial  - Either site/overlay adjacency down
    Down     - Both adjacencies are down (Neighbor is down/unreachable)
          - Site-ID mismatch detected

Local Edge Device Information:
    Hostname OTV-1  
    System-ID e4c7.2202.42c4
    Site-Identifier 0222.0222.0222
    Site-VLAN 2 State is Up

Site Information for Overlay1:

Local device is not AED-Capable (No Overlay Remote Adjacency up)
Neighbor Edge Devices in Site: 0

Hostname                 System-ID        Adjacency-       Adjacency-   AED-   
                                          State            Uptime       Capable


-OTV-1# sh otv

OTV Overlay Information
Site Identifier 0222.0222.0222

Overlay interface Overlay1

VPN name            : Overlay1
VPN state           : UP
Extended vlans      : 245 (Total:1)
Join interface(s)   : Po2 (
Site vlan           : 2 (up)
AED-Capable         : No (No Overlay Remote Adjacency up)
Capability          : Unicast-Only
Is Adjacency Server : Yes
Adjacency Server(s) : /


vlan 2

  name OTV_Site_Vlan

vlan 245

  name Extended_Server

otv site-vlan 2

interface port-channel1
  description OTV-1 Internal Interface
  switchport mode trunk
  switchport trunk allowed vlan 2,245
  medium p2p

interface port-channel2
  description OTV-1 Join Interface
  mtu 9216
  no ip redirects
  ip address
  no ipv6 redirects
  ip router eigrp 75
  ip eigrp 75 bfd
  ip igmp version 3

interface Overlay1
  otv join-interface port-channel2
  otv extend-vlan 245
  otv use-adjacency-server unicast-only
  otv adjacency-server unicast-only
  no shutdown

otv site-identifier 0222.0222.0222

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