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The SYSVAL table entry for the database version (16) does not match the required version

We upgraded from Tidal Enterprise Scheduler (TES) 5.31 to 6.1 on fresh Windows x64 2008 R2 servers.  I did a fresh install but our DBA restored a copy of our database from pre-prod which was at 5.31.  I get the error below.  Note, SQL went from 2005 to 2012 during this upgrade.  Do I need to change a value in this table to reflect the SQL change?

[04/29 12:47:14:198]:TIDAL Enterprise Scheduler: version
[04/29 12:47:14:198]:Java version: 1.8.0
[04/29 12:47:14:198]:Java Virtual Machine version: 25.0-b70
[04/29 12:47:14:198]:Start Time : 04/29/14 12:47:14:198
[04/29 12:47:14:198]:----------------------------------------------------------------------------
[04/29 12:47:14:198]:Database URL :jdbc:sqlserver://SQL2012-Host:1433;responseBuffering=adaptive
[04/29 12:47:14:198]:Database Driver
[04/29 12:47:14:198]:Maximum number of log files = 100
[04/29 12:47:14:198]:Added a LogFile called 'RegularFile'
[04/29 12:47:14:198]:LogManager: setting default log
[04/29 12:47:14:214]:Retrieved a LogFile called 'RegularFile'
[04/29 12:47:14:495]:MessageBroker: Instantiated TcpTransportServer (URI = tcp://
[04/29 12:47:16:975]:Retrieved a LogFile called 'RegularFile'
[04/29 12:47:17:272]:The SYSVAL table entry for the database version (16) does not match the required version (23). Shutting down.
[04/29 12:47:20:282]:
[04/29 12:47:20:282]:
[04/29 12:47:20:282]:Shutting down the application



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I had this error last night

I had this error last night while applying a patch to 6.0. However in my case the version was 21 versus a required version of 23. As far as i know 6.1 is not compatible with the 5 db schema, so you will need an update / migration plan for the db also.
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