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VPC Core Layer


I'd like to know if it is possible to connect two Nexus 7710 in VPC Domain as Core Switch for two Nexus 7010 also configured in vpc domain making the Aggregation layer. I mean, could I connect Core Layer and Aggreation Layer in a double-side-vpc manner or in any other vpc topology considering that all links between Aggregation and Core are of course L3 links and that they also have to be ospf peer.

Is it a supported and sugested configration?

Any suggestion will be very appreciated. Thanks in advance for any reply.






Don't forget that vPC is a

Don't forget that vPC is a Layer 2 technology only. Therefore if the links between the Core and Distribution tiers are Layer 3 only then there is little point in deploying double sided vPC.

A standard design is to deploy double sided vPC between the Access and Distribution tiers. The Access tier is where you are terminating connectivity from servers.

See this document for details where to configure the Layer 3 / Layer 2 boundary in a double sided vPC design.

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New Member

Hi, thanks for your reply.I

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I know that as you tell,  vPC is only a layer 2 technology and that Layer 3 vpc is not a reccomended configuration, but is it just a no-best-practise or isn't it allowed at all?

I have this problem to solve:

Right now I have Aggregation Layer and Access Layer connected in double-side-vpc topology, formed respectively by a couple of Nexus 7000 and a couple of Nexus 5000.

Currently Core layer is formed by two Cisco 6504 configured as stand-alone peer, and they are connected to 7000 by Layer 3 links, two links from each 6504, one towards 7000 primary and second one toward 7000 secondary. There also are OSPF adjacencies relationships between them.

We have planned to substitute both 6504 with a couple of 7710 who are going to be in charge of DCI Layer with a new Data Center for Disaster Recovery.

What kind of topology and configuration do I have to apply to meet my need?

Can you give me any tip?





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